We are a group of architects specialized in designing and building projects with beautiful and functional spaces where the good design is implicit always. We design sustainable spaces in which we take care of every single detail. We believe that architecture is one of the few profesions that directly improve the quality of life of people. Our office works always with passion and respect for the client, the nature, the materials and the design. We are constantly looking for new materials designing spaces or things that have never been made integrating all the arts in our architecture and in its atmosphere. Each project is made based on a research process in which we put the maximum attention to each corner, each color, each material, each finish, each entry of light, always focusing in design excellence and integrity, this is what we are most passionate about

arq. aldo franco

Aldo Franco graduated from the Anahuac University School of Architecture in 2010. He was born in Mexico City in 1987. He started working in architecture since 2006 for different firms such as Humberto Artigas Arquitectos, FH Arquitectura, Arquifacto and Cemex. He founded Aldo Franco Arquitectos in 2011.


Arq. Carlos Valenzuela

senior architect

arq. martin de la rosa

senior architect

arq. miguel ángel martínez

senior architect

arq. juan ponce de león

senior architect

Arq. eduardo reyes

senior architect

arq. nayeli espetia

junior architect - interior designer

Arq. Yennifer Gonzalez

interior designer

arq. bryan moreno

junior architect

Arq Gabriel Porras

junior architect

ing. césar marín

structural engineer

joel barroso